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Trench Safety Stand Down


2019 Trench Safety Stand Down Week

It is important to take the time in your company to ensure that all employees are up to date on current safety requirements and standards, especially when facing the sometimes dangerous conditions of trench and excavation work. At Hawkeye Safety, we believe that communication with your employees is a key factor in hazard prevention. take the time to educate your employees while giving them an opportunity to ask questions by having a trench safety stand down.

Company Involvement

We encourage your company to brush up on its trench and excavation safety requirements in honor of NUCA’s 2019 Trench Safety Stand Down week, which takes place from June 17-21. NUCA welcomes participation from companies who are concerned with the safety of these workers. Relevant industries include utility construction, highway construction, plumbers, military, unions, associations, educational institutes, and safety equipment manufacturers.

Planning Your Trench Safety Stand Down

The goal of a stand down is to step back from the daily demands of the job and have a discussion or a training which brings all of your employees up to speed on trench and excavation safety regulations. The NUCA Web site has a variety of training materials which you can use to help you plan a successful trench safety stand down. Follow this link to access a presentation, checklist, and other awareness materials:

Who Should Get Involved in Your Company?

Many accidents happen as a result of not knowing the proper procedure to follow in a dangerous situation. Your employees who are directly working in excavation areas need to be aware of safety requirements. This awareness will hopefully reduce accidental deaths and serious injuries in the industry. Additionally, consider the workers who may be around the trenches and excavation sites. Ensure that municipal workers are aware of potential hazards to which they could be exposed.

Receive a Certificate of Participation

Share the details of your safety stand down activity with NUCA and receive a certificate of participation. You can tell them about your experiences with Trench Safety Stand Down week here:

We Understand the Importance of Trench Safety Stand Down Week

At Hawkeye Safety, we believe that every week presents an opportunity for raising awareness. Your business is nothing without employees who are working safely, securely, and with the knowledge to handle any dangers that may arise while on the job.

We are familiar with all OSHA standards and help construction businesses of every size to keep workers and sites safe around the clock. We pride ourselves on being “the only safety department you will ever need.” To learn more about our trainings designed to help businesses in your industry, contact us today by calling (800) 565-1157 or visiting our website.