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Employee Success: Cannabis Businesses


Is Your Cannabis Business Setting Employees Up for Success?

Training and retraining play a large role in employee success in every industry. However, training is even more critical for those in the cannabis industry. Unlike similar jobs in agriculture or even dispensing, there is an elevated degree of government and OSHA regulation involved in working for a cannabis business. In a traditional pharmacy, do patients ever need to ask if they can take a prescription drug out of state? That’s just one of the many unique situations that industry-specific and position-specific training can prepare employees for.

Cannabis Business Workers Need More Safety Training

Colorado State University recently conducted a formal study of workers in the marijuana industry in Colorado. The study found that there was “imminent need” for those in the cannabis industry to establish “formal health and safety training to implement best practices.” A whopping 46% of respondents in the study received little to no safety training once starting their careers in the cannabis industry, despite being in daily contact with cannabis products.

Workers Are Being Harmed Due to Insufficient Training

The same study inquired about whether or not workers had already experienced health and safety hazards on the job, if they were able to identify them and if they understood how to notify their management. Again, due to a lack of formal training and re-training, many employees were under-trained and potential liabilities for their employers. Workers expressed concern about ergonomic issues and air quality. Many workers also reported health issues due to working in the cannabis industry, including knee pain, wrist pain, back pain and finger pain. Some workers had health issues as a result of pesticide exposure, and 4.7% of workers sustained work-related injuries that required medical attention in the past 3 months.

What Can Be Done?

As the study concluded, better training for the cannabis industry is increasingly important. Partnering with an experienced workplace training company like Hawkeye Safety can ensure that employees are following guidelines and taking steps to protect themselves every day on the job. Your cannabis business cannot afford to have almost 5% of workers sustaining serious injuries every 3 months due to improper training!

Protect Your Cannabis Business from Liability with Hawkeye Safety

Hawkeye Safety offers a broad range of services to our business partners, including safety training, staffing and consulting. We pride ourselves on being “the only safety department you will ever need.” To learn more about our trainings designed to help businesses in the cannabis industry, contact us today by calling (800) 565-1157 or visiting our website.