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Behavior-Based Safety Programs


The Elements of an Effective Behavior-Based Safety Program

Creating an effective behavior-based safety program is one of the best ways to change your business’s safety culture. While there are many different customized behavior-based safety programs available, there are numerous elements that can be spotted across all of the highest-impact ones.

What Needs to Happen for an Effective Program?

One of the biggest obstacles to having a safety program that works is the need for many different pieces to work together in unison. Everyone needs to be dedicated to learning about and following the behavior-based safety program, including contractors, sub-contractors, the CEO and every other employee in between. A program also needs to have a method for collecting and evaluating data to determine efficacy. Based on the data, there should be mechanisms to create and change policies and systems. Without receptive leadership and a way to evaluate and make changes, no safety program can be completely effective.

The 5 Elements of Effective Behavior Based Safety Programs

  1. Observe the current behavior happening in the organization. Answer the basic background questions that help to determine what might work—Who? What?When? Where?
  2. Analyze the data that you gathered by assessing the current business. What critical at-risk behaviors are occurring? What safety procedures are not currently serving their purpose? What dangerous things are happening, and how often are they occurring?
  3. Think critically about how to mitigate the risks that are happening. When you work with a company like Hawkeye Safety, you can rest assured that the solutions you are getting are OSHA-compliant, tested and proven to be great ways for solving the safety issue.
  4. Changing the risky behavior can take time, so this step might take a while. Behavioral change involves testing the hypotheses and evaluating changes as they occur. During this step, we will also outline adjustments to policies and procedures and make modifications as needed.
  5. Finally, the evaluation stage will occur. During this stage, we will evaluate if the changes have been effective. Data will be analyzed, and, if needed, the process will be started over again!

Create a Behavior-Based Safety Program with Hawkeye Safety

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