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Avoiding the Most Common Construction Site Safety Hazards

At Hawkeye Safety, we work with construction businesses just like yours to establish construction site safety protocols and avoid the most common hazards. Every year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) creates a list of the ten most common construction site safety violations based on citations issued. With 988 workers dying on the job and over 3 million getting injured every year, safety is paramount to a successful work environment.

The 10 Most Common Construction Site Safety Hazards

  1. Fall Protection: If at all possible, you should try to eliminate all fall hazards. Do work on the ground before lifting and installing components at height. If fall hazards cannot be removed altogether, they should be controlled. Inform workers of the dangers and what safety equipment can be used to control them.
  2. Scaffolds: Work that needs scaffolding to be completed should always be mapped out in advance. After planning, you can install, use, maintain and remove the scaffolding in accordance with OSHA guidelines. All workers using scaffolding should have proper training.
  3. Hazard Communication: If you don’t have an on-site hazard communication plan, you can expect to receive a violation. Any projects including dangerous substances of chemicals should have containers clearly labeled and safety data sheets attached to each one.
  4. Lockout/Tagout: All site workers should be trained in how to verify a no-energy presence for all equipment on-site that uses compressed air, steam, heat, electricity, fire or other energy sources.
  5. Respiratory Protection: During the pre-planning phase, you should identify all potential respiratory hazards and create written protection plans. All respiratory protection should be rated and appropriate for the situation.
  6. Ladders: Every user must inspect ladders before using them and only utilize them for their intended task.
  7. Powered Industrial Trucks: These vehicles need proper training to be used. Access to powered trucks should be restricted to those with adequate training and qualifications.
  8. Machine Guarding: If workers are seen operating grinders, saws and other powered equipment without utilizing guards this citation will be issued. Any tools that come with a guard should have it installed on your job site.
  9. Electrical Safety: These construction site safety violations could be related to wiring or just general electric requirements. Make sure ground pins and outlets are working correctly and that all extension cords are free from cuts and nicks.

Ensure Safety Standards Are Upheld with Hawkeye Safety

We are familiar with all OSHA standards and help construction businesses of every size to keep workers and sites safe around the clock. We pride ourselves on being “the only safety department you will ever need.” To learn more about our trainings designed to help businesses in the construction industry, contact us today by calling (800) 565-1157 or visiting our website.